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How to Make Sure ChatGPT-Generated Text Undetectable?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is getting better and more powerful every day. ChatGPT is a great example of how AI can understand you and create desired content. But as we use AI more and more, we need to think about how to keep it undetectable in some cases when we need to. This article will talk about how we can make sure ChatGPT can bypass AI detection when you use it to generate content.

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How to Make Sure Your ChatGPT is Not Detected?

1. Understand how AI checker or detector works

In most cases, AI detection can not be done by human, we need a tool to do it. That's what AI checkers or detectors do. There are now many AI detector tools available, such as Originality.ai, GPTZero, Turnitin etc; These tools help us figure out if a text was created by a human or an AI system.

When you upload a text file to the AI detector tool, it will analyze the texts using its build-in algorithm, and then give a rating from 1-100, shows you the likelihood of AI writing. Sometimes, like any detective, they might not get it right. They could think a AI wrote something when it was a person, or vice versa. To explain how AI checkers work and the accuracy, we have another detailed article for you:

2. How to humanize AI text?

If the text is raw, or just as the AI wrote it, it might get flagged as not being original or authentic by AI checkers or detectors. Luckily, there are tools that can help us make AI text sound more human. AI humanizer can help you:

  • Rephrase sentences: These tools can change the way sentences are structured to make them sound more like how people talk or write.
  • Improve word choice: They can suggest better words or phrases that fit the context better and sound more natural.
  • Add personal touches: Some tools can even add personal touches or emotions to the text, making it more engaging and relatable.
  • Provide depth of contextual understanding: While ChatGPT gives relevant answers, it has trouble with very specialized topics. To humanize the text, add much deeper understanding by including human experiences are required.
  • Enhance readability: ChatGPT can generate texts with some good points, however, it may use the difficult words and long sentences. AI humanizer makes the text easier to read and understand.

3. How to make ChatGPT text untraceable with AI Humanizer?

If you need to use a humanizing tool to avoid AI detection of ChatGPT text, you can follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1. Open the Humanize AI Text tool

Go to the Humanize AI website, it’s a completed free web app. And then click on "TRY IT FREE" button to get ready.

Step 2. Input the ChatGPT Text

You start by putting the ChatGPT-written text into the form, divide it into several paragraph if it’s too long.

Step 3. Humanize the ChatGPT Text

Click on the "Humanize" button and the Humanize AI tool reads through the text and looks for areas that could be made to sound more human. And it will output the converted text after a while.

Step 4. Review the text and make tweaks

Though the tool automatically makes changes to improve the ChatGPT text, you still need to review and make any final adjustments to get the text just right.

Step 5. Testing with AI text detectors

After you’ve humanized the ChatGPT texts, it's t essential to test your text with AI detectors to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness. Keep in mind that AI detectors can make mistakes, do not trust them too much.

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How to Avoid AI Detection of ChatGPT?

Actually, there are some tips for avoiding AI detection when generate the content using AI, which can maintain ethical standards and ensure the quality of content.

1. Giving better and more specific prompts

Effective communication with AI begins with clear and precise prompts. For instance, instead of asking a general question like "What is the weather?", a more specific prompt could be "What is the weather forecast for New York City on June 14, 2024?" Specificity helps AI to provide more accurate and relevant responses.

2. Training AI with industry-specific knowledge

Training AI with knowledge specific to your industry can enhance its ability to generate content that is not easily detectable by AI detection systems. For example, using industry jargon and specific case studies during the training phase can help the AI understand and mimic the nuances of professional writing.

3. Blending AI with human-written content

A strategic approach to avoid AI detection is to blend AI-generated content with human-written content. This can be achieved by using AI to draft initial outlines or ideas, which are then refined and personalized by human writers. This hybrid approach ensures a balance between the efficiency of AI and the creativity and nuance of human writing.

4. Utilizing AI as a tool, not a crutch

It is crucial to view AI as a tool that aids in the creative process rather than a substitute for human intellect. Relying solely on AI can lead to generic and easily detectable content. By maintaining a balance, where AI provides suggestions and humans make final decisions, the content remains unique and authentic.

5. The necessity of content review

No matter how advanced an AI system is, it cannot replace the critical eye of a human reviewer. Reviewing content is essential to ensure it meets the standards of quality, coherence, and originality. This includes checking for logical consistency, factual accuracy, and the absence of detectable AI-generated patterns.


In conclusion, avoiding AI detection while using ChatGPT or similar AI tools involves a thoughtful way that includes crafting specific prompts, training AI with industry knowledge, blending content, using AI as an aid, and conducting thorough reviews. By adhering to these practices, you can harness the power of AI while ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the content produced.