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Free AI Tools You Need to Know in 2024

free ai tools

AI continues to grow quickly! In 2024, new tools will be created daily to help you improve your work. These AI tools are constantly improving in terms of intelligence and speed. They can handle a large amount of data quickly and solve complex problems.

Popular applications such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and KiMi are well-known, but there are many others, including older releases and even free options! These free AI tools can help you write effectively, create appealing pictures, voices, and videos, and improve your team's productivity.

Instead of being overwhelmed by all the AI alternatives available, check out our list of free tools to help you get the most out of AI technology.

1. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It's really good at finding information, coming up with ideas, writing long messages, telling stories, and more. When you ask it something, it replies in a conversational, human-like way, making it feel like you're talking to a real person who knows a lot about almost everything.

ChatGPT can perform numerous tasks including generating content, composing emails, coding, responding to inquiries, translating languages, and others. The new generation of GPT4o is one of the most advanced and fastest AI models.

2. Character AI

character ai tool

Character AI is a chatbot website based on LLM, created by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas in September 2022. Users can converse with a variety of pre-created chat characters on the website, including Elon Mask, Steve Jobs, and Mario. Of course, people can build their own characters.

Unlike ChatGPT, Character.ai is more focused on personality traits, attempting to address social, emotional, companionship, support, and other needs. In addition, Character.ai allows you to create rooms in which numerous people can chat using different characters.

3. Bing

bing app for iphone

Bing AI is an effective tool that uses the GPT-4 model to help with web searches, accessing information, creating content, and other tasks. It is most recognized for its capacity to generate images. Bing AI allows users to generate photos simply and efficiently.

You can simply receive personalized images that meet your needs by using live chat with AI, saving you time and resources in the process of getting appropriate images. If you aren't happy with the created image, you can continue chatting with Bing AI, providing more detailed descriptions or requests. Bing AI will then work to provide better images that fit with your requirements.


AIVA , or Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, is a AI tool made to let you make original music tracks without the need for any prior musical experience. You can create music tracks using a variety of criteria, including emotion, genre, and personalized profiles with harmonies, time signature, tempo range, and other settings. Moreover, AIVA has a fully-featured editor that lets you refine the tracks note by note.

The free version of AIVA allows for personal use and provides you with the ability to download up to three tracks per month. This serves as a way to introduce users to the platform and its capabilities, while also offering a limited but valuable experience for those who may not require extensive usage. Users who find value in the free version may have the option to upgrade to a premium version with additional features and benefits.

5. Copy.AI

Copy.AI is a great tool for digital marketing that can help businesses do better in their marketing. If you need an AI writer for free, Copy.ai is a good choice. Copy.ai is a tool that helps you write things easily using AI. Just tell it what you want to talk about, and it will create content for your blogs, social media, or videos. This free AI tool is especially good for people who create captions, blog posts, product descriptions, Facebook content, and startup ideas.

6. Replika: The Best AI Friend App

replika app for iphone

Replika, made by Luka, Inc., is a chatbot that uses machine learning technology to chat with you like a virtual friend. It talks with you in a natural way, learning from your conversations.

Unlike regular chatbots, Replika gives you a special and understanding chat experience. It changes the way it talks based on what you like, making each conversation unique. Whether you want to chat casually, get emotional support, or reflect on yourself, Replika is here for you. You can use Replika for free to have basic conversations and experience its virtual friend AI.

7. Xemail.ai

xemail tool

Xemail.ai is an AI Email writing assistant, which is made to help you write better email without much effort. It uses AI technology to give you personalized suggestions, making your writing better and faster. Whether you're writing Emails to your partner, friend, or colleague, looking for advice, or making new connections, Friday is here to help you.

8. Wonder

wonder app for iphone

Wonder is an AI-powered art generator app to create cool digital art from your words. You can make unique artworks by following different prompts and choosing from various artistic styles. You can also show off your best creations on your Wonder profile.

One cool thing about Wonder is its photo-to-art feature. This lets you easily turn your pictures or selfies into awesome animated art. Plus, you can share these creations on social media and your Wonder profile.

9. Pika

Pika makes it super easy to create videos using its simple platform and tools. Whether you want a video for social media or your website, Pika has everything you need.

Just upload your written script, and Pika will automatically generate a video with pictures based on your text. It's a great option for anyone who wants to make attractive and professional videos quickly. Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of images and videos to add to your final creation.

10. Humanize AI Text

humanize ai text tool

The Humanize AI Text tool is a free online tool that changes ChatGPT or any AI content to human-writing without changing what it means. Just paste your AI content, click "Humanize," and see it turn into text that feels completely human. This tool makes AI content sound as good as writing from real people, making it harder for AI detection systems to spot.