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AI Humanizers: 3 Best Tools to Humanize AI Text

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With the constant improvements in existing ones and the launch of new AI content generator tools, more and more people have started relying on these innovative solutions to create fresh content, refine their old drafts, and boost their overall productivity.

AI text generator tools have empowered even those with little experience in writing content. However, the problem is that along with these writing generator tools, one can also find many AI detection tools and software programs that can easily identify whether a text is written by a human or an AI tool.

If you are getting help from AI text generative platforms such as Kimi, Gemini, Meta, or OpenAI to create new content or recycle your drafts, you must use an online text humanizer tool to avoid getting accused of cheating.

What are AI Humanizer Tools?

AI humanizer tools are relatively new in the market, but we’re sure you would have heard of them because they are so popular.

AI text humanizer tools are cloud-based solutions that can easily transform AI-generated text into simple words with a humane style and tone.

The best text humanizer is the one that can easily identify robotic words, redundant phrases used by AI tools, and passive voice. It can remove all these elements in order to make the text easy for a common reader to digest.

There are dozens of online humanizer tools and applications on the web today, and we have tried and tested a few notable options.

In our opinion, the best humanizer tool is the one that:

  • Delivers 100% humane text that goes undetected through detection tools
  • Produces contextually accurate and error-free outputs
  • Paraphrases robotic text in little time without changing intent
  • Can humanize text in different languages without any hassle

After thorough testing, we have handpicked three authentic solutions to help you humanize AI-generated text from different platforms.

Best AI Humanizers to Humanize AI Text with Ease

The three tools discussed in this section can rewrite AI-generated text so that it goes undetected through an advanced AI text detection or plagiarism checker tool. Let us dig into the details of the most powerful humanizer tools without delay.

1. HAT Humanize AI Text Tool

hat screenshot

HAT Humanize AI Text is one of the best solutions for eliminating AI-generated text. This tool takes less than seconds to paraphrase AI-generated text, which makes it 100% undetectable. This free humanizer uses advanced language modeling technologies to rewrite AI-crafted content and present it in the most natural way possible.

You don’t have to worry about limitations when using this online humanizer tool. It can replace all robotic elements and rewrite the uploaded text without changing its meaning, context, or SEO value.

We tried checking the humanized text generated by this tool and were impressed with the results. The content can bypass any AI checker tool, including Copyleaks, Zero GPT, etc.

This online-based text humanizer is perfect for SEO experts, bloggers, content writers, and even students who use AI platforms like Gemini, Jasper, Grammarly, etc.

2. ParaphraseTool

paraphrasetool ai

Humanize AI contents by ParaphraseTool is another AI humanizer that eliminates AI detection.

This is a powerful and intriguing tool for transforming AI-generated content into human text to avoid AI detection. It doesn’t matter whether you want to humanize AI content for your blog, email, social media post, or any other channel; the tool will always deliver natural and unmatched results.

This online humanizer tool doesn’t just spin words with synonyms; it simply paraphrases the entire text from scratch in a very human-like writing style. The new content would be written in an active voice, have simple words, and be free of all kinds of readability issues.

We also tested the humanized text with advanced AI detector tools, and the results were quite promising. The tool easily passes the hard scans of Copyleaks, Turnitin, Content AI detector, and other powerful software programs.

The humanized text generated by this tool sounds close to that of a human writer and is free of plagiarism and technical issues.

The free version of this text humanizer allows you to humanize up to 250 words in one go. You can upload raw text or insert complete document files using this tool.

Overall, this is a valuable solution for freelancers, professional writers, students, researchers, and all others relying on text-generative tools such as Chat GPT.

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3. Quillbot


The Humanizer by Quillbot is another great tool to help students, professionals, and content writers generate human-like text without hassle. This web-based humanizer can rephrase essays, blogs, and other types of content generated by AI tools such as ChatGPT.

This tool is designed and developed to cheat the advanced scans of top AI detection tools. The tool can easily rewrite the text in a pattern that human writers commonly use. Because of this pattern, simple wording, and basic style, the AI detector tools would always flag the text as human-written.

By making stylistic modifications, contextual paraphrasing, and restructuring techniques, the tool can create humanized content and ensure originality and quality.

Using the free version of Quillbot, you can easily humanize up to 125 words in one go. Overall, this tool is very easy for anyone who wishes to paraphrase AI-generated text using human language.


AI detector tools are rapidly growing, so people who generate text with online tools can’t get away with it now.

Today, if you are using generative tools to create content from scratch or are using them to paraphrase or recycle your old drafts, it is important that you use a text humanizer to make the text sound natural.

AI humanizer tools are cloud-based utilities that can tweak AI-generated text and transform it into a natural style and tone. This article has mentioned the three best humanizer tools that can help you with this task.

We suggest you use all the above mentioned tools to analyze the results yourself. After testing them yourself, you can easily stick with the one that produces results that match your writing style!